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Costa Cruise Line

Costa Cruise Line


See Costa Cruises Ships + Our Great Offers

Get the most out of a Cruise Travel Agency leisure getaway when you choose to book your next vacation escape with Europe’s #1 cruise line, Costa Cruises.

Sail onboard any one of Costa’s grand ships and have the opportunity to revel in a joyful, sensory experience like you’ve never dreamed of. The Costa Delizioso has the Sasmara Spa, offering serenity to the mind and body-soothing with their specialized massages, treatments and aroma therapies. To satisfy the artistic palate, climb aboard the Costa Favolosa where you’ll be able to view over 400 original works of art and over 6,000 replicas. And for the culinary enthusiast, The Costa Victoria boasts 5 restaurants, including Club il Magnifico, putting forward a peaceful and more intimate dining experience. Then, cap off the night with a futuristic music and dancing encounter at the Planetarium Atrium or Concorde Plaza.

Whether you wish to lounge on an enormous craft decorated with precious objects and state-of-the-art furnishings, or prefer a smaller vessel with a more intimate setting, Costa Cruises has the pick for you. And whichever you choose, you’ll sail to the most stunningly breathtaking destinations in the world.

Set sail for the Red Sea and gaze upon the alluring Egyptian coastline. Take a stroll off-ship on a land excursion and visit the Pyramids and all the charmed archeological discoveries Egypt has to offer. Voyage north to the wonders of the Norwegian Fjords, where they exhibit, nestled on the Scandinavian peninsula. And to the west, across the Atlantic ocean, immerse yourself under the palm trees on white, sandy beaches, while you take in the magnificent views of the turquoise bays and tropical sensation of the Cayman Islands the Antilles.

From the Caribbean to Greece, to the northern tip of Sweden and down to the Red Sea, Cruise Travel Agency and Costa Cruises will show you the way to a vacation cruise getaway filled with freedom, adventure, excitement and tranquility.