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Viking Ocean Cruise Line

Viking Ocean Cruise Line


Experience Life-Enriching Voyages with Viking Ocean Cruises & Cruise Travel Agency

Be part of a new kind of cruising when you sail with Viking Ocean Cruises. Each ship in the fleet invites you to discover exciting locations all over the globe accompanied by a level of expertise and service that are second to none. The ships are intimate, elegant, and tasteful, with thoughtful design noticeable in every detail. What’s more, these state-of-the-art vessels are smaller than average, allowing them to dock closer to the center of many cities.

At sea, you’ll enjoy a spacious stateroom complete with a veranda, which comes standard to provide you with a breath-taking view no matter where you’re headed. You’ll also find that many amenities are complimentary, including wines, beers, soft drinks, WIFI, and meals at specialty restaurants, though all meals on board are divine. Chefs focus menus on exquisite regional cuisine created using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, to help further enrich your experience.

But enrichment aboard a Viking Ocean Cruise goes much further than your plate. With cultural lectures, music and dance performances, cooking classes, and art, you’ll easily find yourself immersed in your destinations. In port, you’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will deepen your understanding of the places and people you visit. Plus, each itinerary is carefully composed to give you the maximum amount of time spent exploring new places.

With superior comfort, attention to detail, and itineraries that include unique destinations around the globe, sailing with Viking Ocean Cruises will be an unforgettable experience. And, when you book with Cruise Travel Agency, you’re sure to get the very best deal. Make your dream vacation a reality and plan your cruise now.